Popular characters from the LINE Stamp "It's a drag! Anyway let's reply." is on the Nintendo Switch™ !!

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Move the 4 colored [Mentama] and beat the [GET RULES] in this drop & match puzzle game.

(1) Move the Mentama and line up 3 similar colors.

(2) Place Mentama 3 times to use the Hiyoko ball.
You can't erase Mentama without a Hiyoko ball.

(3) Any Mentama the Hiyoko Ball touches will erase them. Launch them any time to easily make Combos.

(4) Clear the [GET Rules] to get the Photo Pieces. Collect everything to clear.

Piece together the Photos to create a 4 Box Manga.

Title Mentori Puzzle
Release Date Jan. 3,2019
Rating Everyone (E)
Players 1~2
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